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Check back each week for news and information! Celebrate with friends at special programs and get involved @ Your Library!

Join Us For a Great Summer at our FREE Summer Reading Programs!

East Central Library
Mondays @ 4:oo pm

Programs are free! • Earn prizes! • Teens 6 to 12 grade

June 3 - Space Camp Challenge – Have you got what it takes?

June 10 - Cosmic Constellations – A look at our Stars.

June 17 - Race through Space – Game Day Fun.

June 24 - All about Gravity – Painting in a unique way.

July 1 - Let’s Eat Out …Way Out! – Food in Space.

July 8* - “Out of this World” Movie Day *3:30 pm

Tuesday, July 9* - Teen Wrap-up Party – Food, Fun and More! 2 -4 pm*

Gautier Library
Tuesdays @ 2:00 pm

Programs are free! Earn prizes! Bring friends!

JUNE 4 - Universal Meltdown! Make constellation creations with melted crayons, swirl art, and Shrinky-Dink galaxies that fit in the palm of your hand. All materials provided.

JUNE 11 - Steven Universe Terrariums! Arrange a mini-world complete with faux gems and plants based on the popular anime and comic book series. All materials provided.

JUNE 18 - Eye Spy Astronomy! Learn how to explore the top 10 objects in space, visible with binoculars or just your eyes.

JUNE 25 - Sci-Fi Camp! Learn the simple science behind sci-fi movies and TV. Battle with Dr. Who and the Dalek robots in a laser war, make a Star Wars land speeder, complete a scavenger hunt with E.T., and win a rocket race with air vs water propulsion.

JULY 2 - Diverse in the Universe! Join in the celebration of differences and commonalities of all beings. We will discuss how understanding each other makes us stronger. Peacemakers, inherit the Earth!

JULY 9 - Mars Space Race Breakout Room! Whose team of astronauts will make it to “Space” and “Walk on Mars” first? Game On!

Lucedale Library
Mondays* @ 1:00 pm

Programs are free! Earn prizes! Bring friends!

JUNE 3 - MAKING GALAXY SLIME Learn how to make your own slime with Ms. CindI!

JUNE 10 - STAR AMBASSADOR: WHAT’S HAPPENING IN OUR UNIVERSE! Hear from presenter Kristen Sarowski about our Universe!

*TUESDAY, JUNE 18 @ NOON* - ALAN SEALLS: OUR UNIVERSE AND THE WEATHER Ever wonder why the weather does what it does? Find out and ask questions!

JUNE 24 - THE UNIVERSE AND OUR BODIES Hear from presenter Michelle White from the Wellness Center discuss your health!

JULY 1 - A UNIVERSE OF CHARACTERS See artist and teacher Jacob Havard and draw!

JULY 8 - STAR CLOCK HOW TO Make your own star clock with Ms. Cindi.

Ina Thompson Moss Point Library
Thursdays @ 2 pm

Programs are free! Earn prizes! Bring friends!

June 6: “Paint the Galaxy” Learn how to paint a picture of the galaxy using acrylic paints. You will enjoy this fun project!

June 13: “Galaxy CD Jewelry Making” Check out local artist Natalie Webb as she shows how to make cool galactic jewelry using recycled CD’s. These necklaces are out of this world!

June 20: “Stop-motion Lego Movie Making” Have you ever wondered how stop- motion movies are made? Please bring a smartphone and your imagination to create a Lego stop-motion galactic movie.

June 27 “Blast into Space: Rockets” Build rockets and launch them out of recycled materials. This program is sure to send you to the moon!

July 4 - No program - library closed. Enjoy the holiday!

July 11: “Planetary Bath Bombs” Do you want to relax this summer in a cosmic bath? Make a bath bombs that resemble the planets to take home!

Ocean Springs Library
Tuesdays @ 2:00 pm

Programs are free! Earn prizes! Bring friends!

June 4: “The Universe is Your Oyster” Oyster famer, Margo Posten, will talk about oyster aquaculture.

June 11: “Spray Paint a Galaxy” Cliff Murphy will assist teens in creating space art with spray paint.

June 18: “Exploring the Origins of the Universe” Kristen Sarowski, a NASA Solar System Ambassador, will be talking about how radio astronomy has been instrumental in helping scientists discover the origins of our universe.

June 25: “Bug Out!” Audubon biologist, Andrea Belcher, will doing an interactive insect program.

July 2: “Art in Shades of Grey” Jacob Havard, George County Middle School teacher, will be doing charcoal art with the teens.

July 9: “Is Anybody Out There?” Connie Rainey, from Shadowz Paranormal, will talk to the teens about UFOs.

Pascagoula Library
Tuesdays @ 2 pm

Programs are free! Earn prizes! Bring your friends!
June 4 – Shoot for the Moon Rockets

Join us for a fun filled program with Rockets. Countdown to reach new heights.

June 11 – A Universe of Stories Jeopardy

Join us and test your knowledge about Space! Compete to see if you have what it takes to beat the other competition.

June 18 – Escape the Space Station

Do you think you have what it takes to escape? Only time will tell if you can leave the Space Station.

June 25 – Blast Off to Space

Join us as we learn about the new Moon to Mars plan. Build small structures and complete special missions.

July 2 – Out of this World Construction

Join us as we build space ships! Come get creative and work as a team to build the best space shuttle.

July 9 – Galaxy Party
Join us as we celebrate the end of the Teen Summer Library Program with a Galaxy party! Enjoy games and refreshments.

St. Martin Library
Wednesdays @ 2:00 pm

Programs are free! Earn prizes! Bring friends!

June 5 - Galaxy Scratch Art: Transform an old CD into your personal galaxy using your imagination and scratch art.

June 12 - Escape the Space Station: Work together to solve puzzles and riddles to escape from the Space Station alive.

June 19 - Constellation Star Jars: Create a night sky that twinkles on your walls.

June 29 - 3,2,1 - Stomp Rockets Blast Off! Make your rocket then see whose will soar the highest.

July 3 - Art in Shades of Grey: Create charcoal masterpieces with Jacob Havard.

July 10 - Cracked Marble Moons: Reinvent a plain marble into a moon necklace or keychain you can wear.

July 17 - Acrtic Milky Way: Join us for ice cream and games as we thank our summer volunteers.

Vancleave Library
Wednesdays* @ 4:00 pm

Programs are free! Earn prizes! Bring friends!

June 5: Galaxy Slime! Come make your own Slime! Make slime in all colors of the galaxy.

Saturday,* June 15: 11 a.m.* Galaxy Painting! Learn to paint the beauty of space with artist Cody Cameron. Registration required before date.

June 19: Teen DIY Room Decor! Use common household items - plastic bottles, popsicle sticks, paper rolls, and more to make decorative items for your room.

June 26: Lego UFOs! Build the spaceships of the future using only Legos. (You may bring your own.)

Saturday,* June 29, 10 a.m.* Wall-e and Stitch Movies! All ages welcome to these free showings of Disney films. Popcorn and refreshments provided by the Friends of the Library.

July 3: Stranger Things Escape Room! Ever wanted to jump into the world of “Stranger Things?” If you like playing detective, this is for you!

July 10, 5 p.m.* Constellation Storytelling: Come learn the stories behind the constellations. Hear oral storytelling with interesting tales from around the globe.