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Adopted February 21, 2006



Exhibit areas are an additional free Library service made available to the public under policies established by the JGRLS Board of Trustees. It is the intent of the Board to make exhibit facilities available to the public on an equitable basis.


Exhibit facilities within libraries vary, but generally include at least one exhibit case and limited space for hanging wall exhibits.


These policies are applicable to all public libraries comprising the JGRLS, including East Central, Gautier, Lucedale-George County, Moss Point, Ocean Springs, Pascagoula, St. Martin and Vancleave.


1.                  Exhibits by local/regional artists, craftsmen, hobbyists and collectors of interest to area residents may be scheduled in advance with a JGRLS Branch Manager by completing the Application to Exhibit.


2.                  The Application to Exhibit, available at the public service desk, specifies the type of exhibit and display facilities that are available within a specific branch. 


3.                  Exhibit space is limited and exhibitors are encouraged to schedule an exhibit in advance.


4.                  If the Application to Exhibit is approved, the responsibility for designing, preparing, installing, hanging, arranging and removing the exhibit, as well as its safety and security, must be assumed by the exhibiting individual or group.


5.                  Reservations to use exhibit areas will be granted in the order in which they are received.


6.                  The applicant will be responsible to see that all policies are followed. A copy of these policies must be read, signed and returned to the Library Manager prior to installation of the exhibit.


7.                  If groups or individuals are found to be in violation of any of these exhibit policies, the Library retains the right to cancel subsequent use of the exhibit facilities by that individual or group.


8.                  The Library reserves the right, with proper notice, to reschedule any proposed exhibit or reduce the exhibit time period if it conflicts with the Library’s need for the exhibit space.


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9.                  Unless there has been a prior agreement made, exhibitors are expected to install their exhibit on the first working day of the month and to remove their exhibit on the last working day of the month. Exhibits not removed by the last working day are subject to being removed by library personnel.  The Library does not have space set aside for secure long-term storage of exhibit items. Owners of these items must pick them up as soon as a display is removed.


10.             If called on to assist, the Library and Library personnel can not be held liable for any damage to display items during set up and/or removal of an exhibit.


11.             No products, including art work, may be advertised, solicited or sold in the Library or on Library property. Art work may not be priced while displayed.  Items sold during their exhibit may not be removed from the exhibit before the closing date unless a replacement acceptable to the library is provided.  The exhibitor’s name and telephone number may be posted in, or adjacent to, the exhibit.


12.             Exhibits intended to solicit business, proselytize a particular religious belief or promote a particular partisan political cause are prohibited.


13.             The Jackson-George Regional Library System, and their officers and directors, agents and employees shall not be liable for any loss, theft, damage, or injury to the property of the exhibitor, which is sustained and used by the exhibitor in the space provided by the Jackson-George Regional Library System.


14.             The fact that the Board of Trustees has considered and authorized a group or individual to exhibit in the Library does not constitute endorsement by the Library or Board of Trustees of the points of views expressed by the items in the exhibit.


15.             After reviewing the Application to Exhibit, the Branch Manager is authorized to approve or deny the individual or group’s request. Requests that are denied by the Branch Manager may be forwarded in writing to the Library Director for reconsideration. These requests should be addressed to: Library Director, Jackson-George Regional Library System, 3214 Pascagoula Street, Pascagoula, MS, 39567.  If the applicant is still dissatisfied with the ruling, a request for reconsideration can be sent to the JGRLS Board of Trustees at the above address.  Action taken by the Board of Trustees is final.


16.             Policies Governing Exhibits adopted by the Jackson-George Regional System Board of Trustees on February 21, 2006.









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