Outreach Services Policy



What are Outreach Services?


            The Jackson-George Regional Library provides materials to individuals who are disabled and not able to physically access the library due to physical or mental disability or illness through outreach services.  These services can be provided to individuals who are permanently or temporarily disabled.  All library materials can be borrowed, including books, large print books, books-on-CD, DVDs, music CDs, magazines and interlibrary loans (items borrowed from libraries outside JGRLS).


How can someone receive Outreach Services?


1.    A patron unable to physically get to any branch of the library due to physical or mental disability or illness is eligible to receive homebound services.

2.    The homebound patron, or a designated family member or caregiver, is required to come into a JGRLS branch library and complete an application for a library card, if the patron does not already have a card. 

3.    To obtain a card, an official proof of address of the homebound patron is required.

4.    A current library patron who becomes homebound does not need to get a new library card.

5.    The homebound patron will then complete an interest profile in order to assist with selection of materials.  This profile will include types of materials requested, favorite authors, favorite titles, genres, etc.  The library’s Outreach Coordinator will help with the completion of the profile. The Coordinator can be reached at (228) 769-3060 or emailed at outreach@jgrls.org.

6.    Requested materials will be mailed to the homebound patron in reusable mailing bags with a card identifying the address. No postage is needed to mail the materials back to the library.  To return the borrowed materials, simply reverse the card to display the library’s name and address.

7.    Homebound patrons have the same privileges for checkouts and holds as other library patrons. 

8.    Homebound patrons may renew an item as many as two times, provided the item is not on hold for another library patron.

9.    Homebound patrons will not incur any fines for overdue materials. 

10. Interlibrary loan requests are permitted, with a limit of five per month.

11. A homebound patron will be billed for the replacement cost and any additional fees of lost or damaged items, or items that are not returned for any reason, after the item has been overdue for six months.  The homebound patron will not be eligible for borrowing additional materials until all fees over $10.00 are paid.

12. A homebound patron can make requests over the phone by calling the Outreach Coordinator at (228) 769-3060 or by email at outreach@jgrls.org.


Rev., 2nd  Draft –L. Smith, August 2011