Nearly all problem situations and physical plant emergencies identified in this policy manual eventually make their way to the Person-in-Charge/Branch Manager level. It is at this level where middle management decisions must be made to defuse a potentially dangerous problem, questions of policy are resolved, and the police or sheriff called. Because of the responsibilities that are assigned to the Person-in-Charge, it is important that the line of responsibility during problem situations and emergencies be clearly delineated and fully understood by all library employees.

When available in the library, the Branch Manager is the designated Person-in-Charge. In his/her absence, the Branch Manager has identified, in descending order, those employees who will serve as the Person-in-Charge. Library volunteers, library pages, and substitute employees are not eligible to serve as the Person-in-Charge.

In the absence of all designated PICs the branch library will usually close to the public. To avoid this drastic action, however, work schedules of PICs should be adjusted to accommodate all contingencies. In those instances when no designated Person-in-Charge is available, the Branch Manager must call the Branch Services Manager for assistance. If at all possible, the Branch Services Manager will re-schedule an eligible Person-in-Charge from another branch library or an administrative employee to fill-in on a temporary basis.


Since personnel change from time-to-time, this list of designated PICs will be updated quarterly. Form PUF-11 should be completed by the Branch Manager in January and July and forwarded to the Branch Services Manager.

Update: February 24, 1997

East Central Public Library

1. Jean Goff, Branch Manager

2. Carolyn Cook, Clerk I

3. Helen Barlow, Clerk I

4. Linda Dickens, Clerk I

Kathleen McIlwain Public Library (Gautier)

1. Jo Anne West, Branch Manager

2. Naomi (Toots) Webb, Library Assistant I

3. Cindy Harper, Youth Services Clerk I

4. Freda (Francis) Salley, Clerk I

Lucedale-George County Public Library

1. Janet Smith, Branch Manager

2. Ouida Harris, Library Assistant I

3. Crystal Jones, Youth Services Clerk I

4. Cathy Dick, Clerk I

5. Pattie Spidahl, Clerk I

Moss Point Public Library

1. Julia Holmes, Branch Manager

2. Cynthia Cochran, Library Assistant I

3. Cathy Schloss, Clerk II

4. Micki Lofton, Clerk I

Ocean Springs Municipal Library

1. Jill Tempest, Branch Manager

2. Aileen Walton, Library Assistant I - Circulation

3. Cindy Winters, Library Assistant II - Reference

4. Rebecca Young, Clerk I

5. Gwen Pigott, Clerk I

6. Janet Mallard, Clerk I (P/T)

7. Janis Zuleeg, Clerk I (P/T)

8. Rose Bray, Clerk I (P/T)

Pascagoula Public Library & Regional Headquarters Library

1. Robert Willits, Branch Manager

2. Don Lunceford, Headquarters Reference Department Manager

3. Mary Ann Louviere, Headquarters Youth Services Coordinator

4. Valerie Krecker, Pascagoula Library Assistant I

5. Doris Clifton, Pascagoula Library Assistant I

6. Stuart Walker, Headquarters Reference Library Assistant I

7. Lorraine LeJoyeux, Headquarters Reference Clerk II

8. Barbara Scott, Pascagoula Clerk I

9. Candice Allebach, Pascagoula Clerk I

10. Jo Ann Tomes, Pascagoula Clerk II

11. Lucy Rasco, Pascagoula Clerk I

12. Sharon Hughbanks, Headquarters Reference/ILL

13. Susan Yates, Pascagoula Clerk I (P/T)

14. Sissy Brushaber, Headquarters Youth Services Clerk I (P/T)

15. Penny Groves, Headquarters Youth Services Clerk I (P/T)

16. Else Martin, Pascagoula Genealogy Clerk II

17. Harold Grant, Pascagoula Genealogy Clerk I (P/T)

St. Martin Public Library

1. John Batson, Branch Manager

2. Renee’ Sokol, Youth Services Clerk I

3. Susan Allen, Clerk I (P/T)

4. Brenda Winn, Clerk I (P/T)

5. Lawana Cummings, Professional Substitute

Vancleave Public Library

1. Carol Mars, Branch Manager

2. Peggy Mitchell, Clerk I

3. Chasity Johnson, Clerk I (P/T)

4. Louise Tillman, Clerk I (P/T)