PUBLIC COMPUTER USE POLICIES Adopted by the JGRLS Board of Trustees

CW 11/05/2012; AS, RS revised 11/09/2015

Jackson George Regional Library System


Welcome to the Jackson George Regional Library System. It is our pleasure to provide computers for public use. Users must adhere to the policies adopted by the JGRLS Board of Trustees and all relevant local, state, and federal laws.

Internet Safety Policy: It is the policy of JGRLS to prevent user access over its computer network to, or transition of, material via internet, electronic mail, or other forms of direct electronic communications in violation of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). To the extent practical, steps shall be taken to promote the safety and security of users of the JGRLS online computer network when using electronic mail, chat rooms, instant messaging, and other forms of direct electronic communications. Internet filtering is conducted for all public access computers by a centrally located filtering system. This system filters internet requests as they leave the library system. Specifically, as required by the CIPA, blocking shall be applied to visual depictions of material deemed obscene or child pornography, or to any material deemed harmful to minors.

Key terms, as defined in the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) include:
Technology Protection Measure – the term “technology protection measure” means a specific technology that blocks or filters Internet access to visual depictions that are:

A. Child Pornography, as that term is defined in section 2256 of title 18, United States Code;
B. Obscene, as that term is defined in section 1460 of title 18, United States Code;
C. Harmful to Minors: the term “harmful to minors” means any pictures, image, graphic image file, or other visual depiction that:

1. Taken as a whole and with respect to minors, appeals to a prurient interest in nudity, sex, or excretion;
2. Depicts, describes, or represents, in a patently offensive way with respect to what is suitable for minors, an actual or simulated sexual act or sexual contact, actual or simulated normal or perverted sexual acts, or a lewd exhibition of the genitals;
a. Sexual Act; Sexual Contact: The terms “sexual act” or “sexual contact” have the meanings given such terms in section 2246 of title 18, United States Code.

3. Taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value as to minors.

Public Computer Use Policy:

Resident customers must present a valid (in good standing) full service library card or an eServices library card that is their personal card to access Library computers or to register for a computer class. Portable computers and tablets such as laptops and iPads are available for check out by adults 17 years of age and older. eServices library cards cannot be used for this purpose. A parent or legal guardian may check out these devices for their child.
Non-resident customers that want to use the computers must request a special pass for this purpose and present a valid (not expired) picture ID to verify that they are a non-resident. To use portable computers and tablets such as laptops and iPads, adult non-residents 17 years of age and older must apply for a full service library card.
Computers are generally available on a first come, first serve basis and are randomly assigned by a computer reservation program, however, some branches offer direct log-in at the computer of your choice.
Some branches have computers reserved for use by children only or parents working with children.
Use is limited to two people at a computer at one time, provided space is available. Please use only the computer assigned to you. Customers may check out only one kind of device at a time.
Tablets can be used only as single function devices equipped to access designated electronic resources. They can be checked out for 3 hours with one renewal.
If there has been no request to block a child under 17 from using public computers, the assumption is that the parent or legal guardian approves of their child using this library service.

CW 11/05/2012; AS, RS revised 11/09/2015

Do not change, damage, or tamper with existing hardware or software on the public computers.
Do not clean, move, troubleshoot, reboot or turn off a computer or tablet or any of its parts.
The cost of printing is 15 cents per page, and customers must print using paper supplied by the Library. The use of personal paper or stationary is not accommodated.
Overdue fines for portable computers and tablets accrue at a rate of $10 per day. The maximum fine is $100 and is reached on the 10th day past the date due. If damaged or not returned within 60 days, customers will be charged the replacement cost of the item plus a $5 processing fee.
Never use the computers for illegal or criminal purposes. Limit your use and viewing of screens to subjects and graphics compliant with CIPA.
Customers are guaranteed up to 2 hours of computer use time unless they choose to use a “30 minute” computer or arrive to use a computer near closing. Additional time is allotted if no one is waiting to use a computer.
Violation of these policies will result in suspension of Library privileges in all 8 JGRLS branches.
Public Computer Use Procedure:
Library staff will assist you to the point that their skills and the traffic at the public service desk allow.
We encourage customers new to computer use to ask about our free computer training classes offered in our system.
Computer and tablet use ends 15 minutes prior to closing the Library. Portable computers must be returned one hour prior to closing.
Ear buds and flash drives will typically be available for purchase, but customers are encouraged to use their own.

Portable Computers and Tablets:

Cannot be used off-site and must be used in the library branch where the device was checked out.
Must not be left unattended.
Must be returned to the Public Service Desk in the branch where it was checked out and must not be placed in any book return at any time for any reason.
Customers must remain at the Public Service Desk until all equipment has been inspected to ensure all items are accounted for, operating properly, and/or cleared from the borrower’s record.
Portable Computers:
A computer storage container, adapter/power cord, mouse (upon customer request), and a copy of these policies and procedures will circulate with each device.
The hard drive is locked and will not retain data. Customers are encouraged to periodically save data to their own removable media.
Must be plugged in to an available electrical outlet and cannot be run using the battery.
Adopted and approved by the JGRLS Regional Board of Trustees November 18, 2015