Charitable Donations at JGRLS Facilities

From time to time we are asked to host within our libraries a drop box or bin for donations of food or other goods by local charitable organizations.  We are happy to consider these requests individually.  Below are policies that all JGRLS branch managers and requesting organizations will follow regarding these requests.

1.     The Application for Placing Charitable Donation Container must be completed by all organizations asking JGRLS facilities to host donation containers.  These forms are available at all JGRLS libraries and once completed are valid for one calendar year.

2.     All donations must be non-perishable, material goods.  No cash, checks or credit card charges accepted on behalf of any charitable organizations except as noted below.

3.     No money can be solicited or accepted within a JGRLS facility on behalf of any organization other than JGRLS or the Friends of the Library. (The only exception is C.A.N.D.Y. car seat rental fees, due to a previous agreement that has been in effect system-wide for over 25 years.)

4.     The library branch and system accept no responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of any donated items left in a library facility.

5.     Only one donation container will be accepted per JGRLS facility. Therefore, no more than one organization will have a collection container within a library facility at one time.

6.     Organization must designate specific beginning and ending time period for donations.

7.     Organizations should expect to house a collection container at a library no longer than 12 weeks.  Requests for any longer periods of time are at the discretion of the manager, but no second container from another organization can be accepted.

8.     Organization is responsible for placing, emptying, and removing donation containers and signage.

9.     All donation containers and signage must be neat, clean and attractive and replaced by the charitable organization as needed.

10.  The branch manager or JGRLS administration can ask that different signs and containers be made available if those presented initially are deemed to be unsuitable, e.g. smaller box can be requested due to limited space available.

11.  If not a local United Way agency, organizations must submit incorporation papers to show 501C-3 status or be an established local business participating in a charitable program.

12.  Applications for single site requests from charitable organizations meeting all criteria require branch manager review and written approval.

13.  If any organization wants to set up a donation site in more than one JGRLS facility they must get written approval from the JGRLS director. 

14.  Unless there is an agreement between an organization and JGRLS administration that is communicated to the branch managers, a branch manager is not required to approve requests from organizations to place a donation container in the branch.

15.  The branch manager will decide where the donation container will be placed.

16.  Donation containers cannot be placed outside the library on library grounds, on or at the main public service desk, or in any place that will obstruct safety, bar access to any library resources, or obstruct any library signage.

17.  Donation containers not picked up on the designated date will be taken to the local police station or United Way office.

18.  Any press release submitted to local media of any sort that mentions the library system or any of the branches must be preapproved by JGRLS director or PR manager.

19.  Access to the donation containers by organization representatives is available only during the hours the library is open to the public.

20.  All donation containers must be passive and unmanned.

21.  No one is allowed to verbally request donations of patrons or staff at any library.

22.  Allowing an organization to place donation containers in JGRLS libraries does not indicate that library patrons, staff or board members support the beliefs, programs, or services of any particular organization.


Approved by JGRLS Regional Board of Trustees April 24, 2012