The JGRLS offers faxing services to the general public at each of its 8 branches.  By allowing staff to fax their document(s), customers agree to the following conditions:


      Outgoing faxes incur a fee of $3.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.  Incoming faxes are not accepted.

      Only cash or personal check will be accepted as payment for this service.

      Faxing to international numbers, including Canada and Mexico, is handled on a case-by-case basis and left to the discretion of the branch manager.  If approved, the same fee (above) is incurred.

      A JGRLS branch fax cover sheet is required to send a fax.  There is no charge for the cover sheet.

      Only 8 _ x 11 sized documents can be faxed.  The photocopier may be used to create the appropriate sized document.  Photocopy charges will apply.

      All customers fax documents will be kept strictly confidential.

      JGRLS is not responsible for successful transmission of outgoing faxes.  Transmission errors, problems on the receiving end, and incorrect fax numbers are common.  Print quality is variable and not controllable by the Library.  It is the customers responsibility to ensure the fax number they provide is correct.  No refunds will be given.



      Customers will be assisted on a first-come, first-served basis and as soon as possible.  Library related services take priority over fax requests.

      Customers are not allowed to send faxes; only a member of the library staff may operate the fax machine.

      Customers are expected to remain in the Library until their transmission is complete.  Faxes cannot be dropped off to be picked up later, and library staffs are not responsible for faxes left at the library.  Any faxing documents left will be shredded after 24 hours.

      After the fax has been sent and a transmission confirmation page is printed:  (1) Obtain payment from the customer; (2) Enter the transaction into the register; and (3) Give the customer the transmission confirmation page as a form of receipt at no charge.

      If warranted, staffs may encourage customers to determine the success of a transmission by calling the recipient.  Library phones may not be used for this purpose.  No refunds will be given.

      If the first attempt at sending a fax results in a busy signal or other failed connection, staffs will try once more to send the fax. If the fax cannot be sent after the second attempt, staffs will ask the customer to verify the fax number.   Upon verification, staffs will make a third and final attempt.

      Staffs are required to record all long distance transmissions onto a Long Distance Phone Log kept handy alongside the fax machine.


Adopted by the JGRLS Board of Trustees, September 23, 2015