Library patrons are allowed to bring in food and drink on a limited basis in all eight branches of the Jackson George Regional Library System.  The following restrictions will apply:

1.     Non-alcoholic beverages will be allowed in covered containers.  Examples would be canned drinks, cups with a top, sippy cups, babies with baby bottles, and bottled water.

2.     Packaged vending machine type snacks will also be permitted.  Examples would be candy, cookies, crackers, nuts, and chips.

3.     Foods that are not allowed include: ice cream, hot meals (including fast food meals), sandwiches, and anything requiring a utensil or not in a wrapper or container.

4.     Drinking and eating are not permitted in the restricted areas of each branch.  Examples of restricted areas may include, but are not limited to, special collection areas such as genealogy, law library, computer use areas, etc. These areas will vary within each branch.

5.     Any spills that occur should be reported to library staff immediately.

6.     Unattended food and drink will be removed and discarded.

7.     Patrons are expected to “leave no trace” by cleaning up behind themselves and throwing away their trash.

8.     Library staff will ask anyone not abiding with this policy to remove their food or drink immediately. 

9.     Failure to abide by library policies can result in loss of library privileges for a period of time.

 Approved by JGRLS Regional Board on September 25, 2012