Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy



What is ILL?

Interlibrary loan is the process by which a library obtains material from, or supplies material to another library upon request of a library customer.  Before submitting a request, library customers should search the JGRLS catalog to make sure the material is not available in their local library system.



When local resources do not meet the educational, informational or recreational needs of library customers, the Jackson-George Regional Library System (JGRLS) will obtain books and materials from other libraries in Mississippi and throughout the U.S.

As a full participant in the BEEHIVE Resource Sharing ILL System funded by the Mississippi Library Commission, JGRLS borrows and lends materials in accordance with established guidelines and adheres to the ILL Code for the United States as revised 2008 by the American Library Association.



JGRLS customers who are valid library cardholders may utilize the ILL service.  A valid library account has complete and accurate customer information, a fine balance of no more than $10, and no overdue materials.

Customers who are disabled and unable to visit a JGRLS Library in person due to a physical or mental disability should refer to the Outreach Services Policy.  Any exceptions must be reviewed and approved by the Library Director.



JGRLS considers ILL to be a normal and customary library service and does not charge users for providing this service. The ILL Coordinator will make every effort to request materials from libraries that do not charge. Materials available for a fee only will be requested after confirming that the customer is willing to pay and only after all options with no charge have been exhausted.

                  Magazine and journal articles are included in the ILL service. Lenders usually charge 25 cents per page, as costs associated with photocopies of articles are passed on to the customer. If an article is faxed, the fee could be considerably higher. The customer will be notified of costs before the material is sent.



The overdue fine for interlibrary loans is 25 cents per day. Customers are responsible when they lose or damage borrowed materials and will be billed replacement and processing costs and any other fees assigned by the loaning library.  JGRLS will apply these same rules for materials loaned to other library systems.

Customers who fail to pick up borrowed materials will be charged a fine equal to USPS mailing and shipping costs associated with returning the material to the lending library.






Restrictions, Borrowing

Video games, reference, genealogy and rare materials, college textbooks, thesis, dissertations, microfilm, or material in high demand such as recently published items that have not been available to local customers for at least 6 months are usually restricted from borrowing. Customers are encouraged to suggest a purchase via the “Can’t find what you need?” link located at the top of the Library Catalog home page to obtain recently published popular materials.

The number of libraries willing to lend audio-visual (AV) or non-print material is limited. Feature films (movies) can be obtained, but not as successfully as, for example, historical, how-to, or travel. The lending period is considerably shorter on AV or non-print material, usually 1 to 2 weeks.  


Restrictions, Lending

JGRLS will not lend newspapers, serials, microforms, video games, materials classified reference or genealogy, rare or valuable material that would be difficult or impossible to replace, or material in high demand such as recently published items that have not been available to local customers for at least 6 months.


Loan Periods & Privileges

Customers are limited to submitting no more than 10 requests at a time. Generally, it takes up to 2 weeks or longer to request and receive materials unless another Mississippi library owns the item(s). Due dates are set by the loaning library, not JGRLS. ILL items will be checked out with the due date dictated by the loaning library regardless of when the customer checks the item out.

When requested materials arrive, customers will be notified by phone or email and are required to pick up their material promptly. Any ILL material not picked up after 5 business days will be considered no longer needed and returned to the lender. Customers who fail to pick up materials 5 times will have their ILL privileges suspended for 12 months.



ILL renewals cannot be made via the Library Catalog.  Requests to renew items borrowed from other library systems may be made by calling the ILL Coordinator at 228-769-3223 during normal business hours (Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm & Friday, 9 am to 4 pm), at least five working days prior to the due date.  Renewals are at the sole discretion of the loaning library and cannot be guaranteed. When this occurs, staff will request that same title for a customer from a different lender and the customer is required to immediately return the item they currently have.



Library customers may submit requests in person at any JGRLS Library Information Desk or remotely through a single point of access, the BEEHIVE Resource Sharing ILL System home page. The System enables public libraries to meet Mississippian's need for materials and resources not available locally. To search and place requests, click "Login", enter your library card number (all caps, no spaces) and your library card PIN, click “submit”.



Approved by the Jackson-George Regional Library System Board of Trustees, March25, 2019.