Jackson-George Regional Library System
Meeting Room/Conference Room Use Policy

Each library in JGRLS has a meeting room for library programs and events. It is the intent of JGRLS to make these facilities available to the public on an equitable basis in a manner which prohibits any one group or organization from dominating the use of these facilities. All meetings must be open to the public.  The use of the meeting room by anyone does not constitute endorsement of either subject matter or agenda by the library staff or Board of Trustees.  All activities held in the library meeting room or conference room must comply with the Library’s Rules of Conduct posted in the meeting room.

Permissible Use:
The rooms may be used for gatherings of a non-profit, civic, cultural, informational or educational nature, or an entity of the local, state, or federal government.

Prohibited Use:
Programs not in keeping with the library’s mission, goals and objectives, or which would interfere with the library’s operation, e.g. excessive noises, safety hazards, security risks, are not permitted.  The following uses are also prohibited: parties, showers, reunions, or weddings.  Use by a commercial or for profit entity is prohibited by State Law.  This includes, but is not limited to: company meetings, sales meetings, employee recruiting, promotion of products or services and staff training of a for-profit entity.  Occasionally, library staff may partner with a specialist, professional, or business owner to present information in a library-sponsored program.

Fees and Charges
With the exception of the Library and Friends of the Library, individuals or groups may not charge a fee for attendance, take up a collection or donation, or market or sell goods or services. A non-profit group may charge for the cost of materials used, food items, and/or membership dues with prior written permission from the Branch Manager.

Priority for scheduling the meeting rooms will be as follows:
Library and library-sponsored groups and programs will always take precedence over community meetings;

Hours Available


Room Setup and Cleanup


Library’s Right to Deny or Cancel Use

Any printed publicity shall include the statement: “This program is not sponsored by the Jackson-George Regional Library System.”  Applicant shall not use the JGRLS logo in connection with publicity.  Participants may not use the library’s address or phone number for registration. 



Conference and Study Room Use

Some JGRLS branches have conference and study rooms available for use.  These facilities are available to approved groups per the Jackson George Regional Library Meeting Room policy.  In addition to the above policy, the following applies to the use of these rooms. 


While the Library may not be used as classrooms or office spaces, the Library may be used as a safe and quiet workspace for students to receive instruction from tutors.  Study rooms are available at most branches for use on a first-come, first-used basis.  In branches without study rooms, meeting or conference room will be available on a first-come, first served basis.   Study rooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms cannot be reserved for usage by tutors and must remain open to the public.  Tutors who are not able to use a meeting room or study room may use other public areas of the library for tutoring purposes.

Draft – LBarnes, AStewart, YParton, LHamburg, CMorgan, April 2017