Jackson-George Regional Library System

Photography/Videotaping Policy

Library users are welcome to take pictures or videotape in the libraries as follows:

Š       Parents, guardians, or caregivers who wish to take photos/videos of their children at a public program or event at the library.

Š       Adults who wish to take photos/videos at library programs or events at the library.

Š       Any library user who wishes to take pictures of printed information for personal research needs, keeping in mind copyright restrictions.

In order to protect the privacy of our patrons, as well as ensure their enjoyment of library facilities and services, other taking of pictures or videotaping in library facilities is prohibited without written permission of the Library Director.  Library staff may terminate any photo session that violates library policies or appears to compromise public safety or security.

Library staff:

Please note that staff will take photos at public events and programs at our libraries. Your attendance or participation in those areas implies your consent. If you do not wish to have your photo taken, please avoid the camera or tell the photographer that you do not wish to be photographed. These photos are often placed on social media pages and the library website.


News media:

The library system recognizes the rights of media representatives to cover news stories as assigned.  We request any media representatives to notify the Manager, or Public Relations office, or Library Director’s office when visiting branch libraries or programs and to respect patron privacy.













Approved– LBarnes, SZorn, April 2018