JGRLS Policies for Outside Organizations Wanting to Conduct Surveys in JGRLS libraries:

1)     Surveys must be sponsored by a federal government office or agency, or a Mississippi state or local government office/agency, or a public school, college or university within Mississippi.

2)     A full copy of the survey must be presented to the branch manager for review before approval can be granted.

3)     A name and full contact information from a relevant staff member at the agency or academic institution involved will be provided before the survey can be approved.

4)     The topic(s) covered by the survey cannot be considered obscene to the average person, cannot be used to incite violence, and may not depict images or language that would be deemed harmful to minors.

5)     Library patron participation must be on a voluntary basis.

6)     No information taken can be shared with other patrons in the library or library staff.

7)     Survey staff will not impede access to or use of the library by anyone.

8)     JGRLS staff will not be asked to participate in any way in gathering information for surveys.

9)     Library staff will neither encourage nor discourage patron participation.

10)  Library staff can participate to take the survey on their own time, but not while on the clock.

11)  Minimal if any furniture, space, or supplies will be provided by library staff on request.

12)  Survey staff will enter the library no earlier than public opening time for that branch and will be broken down and ready to leave by thirty minutes prior to closing.

13)  If above criteria is met, it is up to the manager to approve the survey being conducted in each branch.

14)  If the ability for the surveying staff to meet any of the criteria above is questionable, the branch manager can either deny the request or send it to the JGRLS director for review and a decision.